Today, there is high sensitization on the need to eat healthy foods in a bid to prevent lifestyle diseases. Unfortunately, despite nutritionists and doctors advising on the need to eat healthy foods, the modern jobs and activities make it difficult to get all the nutrition that your body needs to grow and function properly from diets. In an attempt to compensate for the deficit, people are opting to include supplements as part of their daily diets. One of the super foods that are rapidly gaining popularity is the whey protein powder. Protein is highly valuable in the body as it offers many health benefits. Unfortunately, researchers have found that some protein sources such as processed meat can actually do more damage to your health than good.

Studies have also shown that whey is a major source of the best protein. The best organic whey protein powder provides you with many benefits and valuable nutrients that range from immunoglobulins to conjugated linoleic acid, cystine and lactoferrin. Protein plays an important role in ensuring good health and disease prevention. Quality protein is used by the body to build organs, muscles, hair, bones and to support a range of body processes that keep your body functioning properly. Proteins take part in a number of processes that range from nutrient distribution, power digestion, immunity system, cellular communication and many more life-giving functions. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are getting adequate high-quality protein.

Although whey protein powder products come in many brands and options, choosing the best quality powder will ensure that you are not only getting adequate protein but also many benefits that come with top brands. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to take whey protein powder in a shake or smoothie. Shakes are easy to make as you only need to add liquid, your whey protein powder and any other ingredient that you would like to include as an accompaniment. Smoothies have also become popular in recent years as they offer the benefit of fiber unlike juicing. Nevertheless, as long as your whey protein powder is of high quality, you can be assured that you are getting adequate protein irrespective of how you choose to take it.

The Top Reasons why you should take organic whey protein powder

If you are looking to burn fat, boost your immune system, build muscles and prevent diseases, taking the best organic  protein powder can help you live a longer healthy life. Protein from Whey is more absorb-able, which makes it ideal for everyone interested in protein supplements. It is available in three types that include protein concentrate, whey hydro isolates, and whey isolates. Whey concentrates contain low levels of fat and cholesterol but higher levels of bio-active compounds while isolates do not contain fat and have low bio-activated compounds. The Hydro-isolates are less allergenic but they are the most expensive.

Another reason why whey protein is popular is that it contains about 80 to 90 percent protein, which is higher than what you will get from other protein sources such as eggs, lean red meat, and chicken among others. This means that the high percentage allows your body to build muscles, boost strength and recover quickly after a workout. Furthermore, taking whey protein is the most efficient way you can add protein without gaining extra calories from fat and carbohydrates. Another benefit you will get from the best organic protein powder is reduced cravings. Studies have shown that whey protein can help to diminish cravings without spiking blood sugar by affecting the Ghrelin and Leptin hormones.

Whey protein can also help you lose weight by encouraging your body to burn fat as well as by diminishing cravings and thus, reduce the likeliness of over eating. The powder also acts as a nutritional booster by providing many benefits that include higher CLA, a boost in Omega-3 fatty acids and greater nutritional ability. By providing omega-3 fatty acids, the powder acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which means that you will have less chance of experiencing stress. Whey protein can also lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and enhance body’s antioxidant defenses.


When choosing the organic whey protein powder, it is important to look at the available ingredients. The best whey supplement should only contain high-quality ingredients. It is also important to consider how the ingredients are processed. How ingredients are prepared can affect the amount of protein you will get when you consume the product. Super foods that are prepared with chemicals and high-temperature sources usually have lower amounts of proteins than products that are prepared as naturally as possible.